Our Romantic Getaway In Switzerland

Yash Chopra movies and songs had left me with a desire to experience this place at least once in my lifetime. Chiffon sarees, romantic companions, poetry and couplets notwithstanding, we experienced Switzerland in our personalized way that surpassed all my expectations and desires. In Switzerland, green is greener, blue is bluer, red is redder and yellow is yellower – be …

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A Family Vacation In Switzerland: What To Expect

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes And that’s precisely what has happened to us after an awesome and splendid time we had during our Europe trip. What is the first thing that crosses our mind when we talk of ‘The Switzerland’? For us, apart from …



Didn’t realize that a brief stopover in Europe would become an experience of our lifetime. Initially, we were planning a brief stop in Europe enroute to India from US; Catterfly team personalized our experiences and itinerary such that we spent a week in Switzerland and Italy and seems like that wasn’t enough. While we did our own flight bookings to …