Nature Immersion in Bali

Nature Immersion in Bali (6 nights / 7 days)

Most visits to Bali involve the beach and a fair share of Bintangs, but there is a reason Bali has always called out to explorers. There is a great unknown left to explore in Bali if you just know where to look. This journey into the heartland of Bali takes you from the cool mountain tops of West Bali to the colourful reefs in East Bali, with some chocolate tasting, woodcarving and more on the way. This fully customizable journey focuses on connecting with nature and learning about the various ways in which locals maintain the delicate ecological balance that Bali depends on.

Arrive in Bali and transfer to one of Bali’s most scenic and untouched regions. Munduk is so high up in the mountains that it is blessed with beautiful views of both sunset and sunrise. The cool climate makes you forget you are on a hot and humid tropical island!

Learn about the role of agriculture and conservation in Bali with visits to a cacao farm, organic fish and mushroom farm and even stop at a wildlife rescue site for some cuddles with snakes and monkeys. Get a unique insight into Balinese culture and community with language lessons and discover the Balinese way of maintaining ecological harmony.

Go on guided treks into the rainforest to see stunning waterfalls, bathe in hot springs, rice terraces, or just to take in spectacular views.

Transfer to the Ubud, the cultural and artistic heart of Bali. Take your pick of playing traditional music instruments, woodcarving or dance lessons and learn from the best. Enjoy a traditional dance performance in the evening with newfound appreciation for the performers' skills.

Get up at the crack of dawn to summit this ancient volcano or go on a three hour trek through untouched, breathtaking landscapes to see the caldera in her full magnificence. Your trained guides will take you through villages where locals make hammocks, baskets, bags and process Cashew nuts, the only source of income in this remote region.

Save the best for last as you embark on a journey underwater and enjoy a day by the beach. Snorkel or dive in the beautiful waters of Padang Bai and enjoy the serenity of the East coast of Bali.

Volunteer at a local community garden and learn about the importance of maintaining the delicate ecological balance in Bali, the challenges faced by local farmers and more with passionate, talented permaculture experts.