Essential Belgium and Netherlands

Belgium and Netherlands

Make your way through the best that Northern Europe has to offer and explore Brussels, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Maastricht. With distinct cultures and languages, this region has a diverse offering of museums, art and architecture, picturesque views and of course, gastronomical delights.

Arrive in Brussels and you will feel the energy of this city that is the seat of the European Parliament. Its got it all - from classic grand squares and parks to vibrant up and coming neighbourhoods. While you’re at it, don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth with some of the finest Belgian chocolates and waffles

Bruges has captured the imagination of artists, poets and filmmakers and you’ll see why once you explore this town. Spend time at the Markt and explore the surrounding streets for a touch of Gothic architecture. Make your way to the Quay of the Rosary to see picture perfect medieval castles by the water, standing still as through frozen in time

As you step out the futuristic train station, you’ll see the modern world melt away and enter a picturesque little town with rich history. Walk along the river Meuse to find the museums and medieval buildings that Liege is renowned for. End your walk with a picnic at the Parc de la Boverie

This port city is a Belgian cultural hub and university town. Ghent’s old town is charming and mysterious with its 14th century Belfry and Romanesque-Gothic churches. You’ll find plenty of cozy bars, cafes and yes, chocolate makers to keep you satisfied

World renowned for its scenic canals and gardens, Amsterdam is also home to some of the world’s most exquisite art. Look up all the dutch masters in Museumplein and end your day with a stroll along the tulip gardens in Keukenhof

Make your way down to the lesser known sister of Amsterdam, Utrecht. Beloved by locals, it rivals Amsterdam in its scenic canals and serene cobblestone streets. The scenic journey itself is worth your time, as you can see the ubiquitous dutch windmills and fields of tulips - a sight for sore eyes

Further south is the charming little town of Maastricht. Famous for being the site of the historic EU agreement, Maastricht also has a long and illustrious history since Roman times. Visit some magnificently preserved city walls from Roman times and experience true dutch country life in this laid back, tucked away town

Dubbed ‘Dutch Venice’, Geithoorn is the calmer, greener version of the Italian icon. Its winding canals can be explored with typically Dutch efficient, eco-conscious electric dinghies. Also make a pit stop at Zaanse Schaans, home to the iconic windmills of Holland

Visit this small but spectacular country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. The city’s fortified medieval town and tunnels are renowned, but there is so much to see and do in rural Luxembourg. The hiking and cycling trails alone will take you through some gorgeous medieval towns and countryside