Not bigger than a state in India, Italy is nature’s masterpiece with extraordinary geographical diversity and 20 states with its own dialects, traditions, architecture, and of course Pasta. In few places art and life intermingle effortlessly to create a Bella Vita (beautiful life) with a reverence for finer things, local wines and superlative food ingredients making every bite a revelation. The birthplace of the Renaissance and heart of Roman empire, Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites than any other country. Naturally, it’s hard not to feel envious, and even harder not to fall madly in love.

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Seasons: All year round

Popular Activities: Biking, Wine tasting, Historical City Walks, Shopping

Experiences in Italy


The Italian Feast

7-8 days

Italian Feast (7 nights / 8 days) from EUR 1000 per person
Twin Sharing Basis. *Refer comprehensive inclusions

Like a well-made espresso, get a strong hit by all things Italian. Start off by wandering around floating Venice, enjoy Renaissance Florence, walk in the Roman footsteps and throw your coin in Trevi fountain.

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Romanticismo Italiano

5-7 days

Start your Italian journey with Venice – city of romance gliding through the Grand Canal, experience some of greatest cultural highlights in enchanting Florence, visit picture perfect fishing villages of Cinque Terra…

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Southern Italy

7-8 days

Stray off the beaten path and explore Southern Italy. Far removed from the bustling north, Naples and Sicily are iconic and truly Italian in their sprawling countryside, seaside and remarkable cuisine.

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Choose your pace!

What’s not to love about Italy? Hard to blame anyone who wants to have it all! Choose the best of Italian experiences and perhaps you can also explore neighboring French Riviera, Swiss alps, or Austrian countryside. Speak to a travel coach and personalize your Italian experience.

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