Best of Everything

What’s not to love about Italy? Hard to blame anyone who wants to have it all! Choose the best of Italian experiences and perhaps you can also explore neighboring French Riviera, Swiss alps, or Austrian countryside. Speak to a travel coach and personalize your Italian experience.

Travel experiences are truly personal based on individual interests and diversity of Italy and its various regions is unmissable. While it is always possible to spend more time experiencing a destination, shortening a trip usually requires a compromise. Talk to our itinerary counselors and coaches and they can understand your personal needs, customize the experience for our specific needs or just mix up different experiences in one trip.

Share the duration of your trip and we will optimize your logistics and travel so that you are able to spend most of the time experiencing a destination.

Let us know your personal style, whether you are a nature person or enjoy the sightseeing, or anything else; our itinerary will discuss with you the most optimal mix of different possibilities in Italy and its various regions. Clearly, you will be spoilt for choices and we can also help you choose the best ones.

If you would like to balance the relaxation with activities in the artistic destinations or provincial countryside, we are happy to mix it up for you.

Whether you prefer hotels, vacation homes, bed & breakfast, or Italian Agro-tourism – we got it all covered. And, perhaps staying in Tuscany Villa is an experience, you wouldn’t want to miss either.

Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting

Discover history, traditions and the fine art of making wine

Sailing Tour

See the famous five villages “Cinque Terre” from the sea