Romanticismo Italiano


Start your Italian journey with Venice – city of romance gliding through the Grand Canal, experience some of greatest cultural highlights in enchanting Florence, visit picture perfect fishing villages of Cinque Terra…

Arrive in Italy and transfer to Venice; perhaps the most unique city in the entire world and synonymous with the word Love.

For romance, Venice is the perfect backdrop and there’s really no competition. Experience the infinite pastel shades reflected in quiet canals and the gentle chug of waterborne traffic along the magnificent Grand Canal. Early-rising romantics can make their way to piazza San Marco, or sit across Rialto bridge in the afternoon, but no Venetian tryst is complete without a great sunset.

Take a motorboat across the Venetian lagoon to unspoilt islands, wander Burano’s streets of pastel houses, bargain with lace sellers, shop for signature colored glass ornaments on Murano, and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beaches of Lido

A Symbol of the Renaissance, Florence is primarily a city of unique charm and absolutely irresistible besides its architectural beauty and the extraordinary works of art. Spend unforgettable moments strolling the streets of the historic center of Florence, stopping to admire splendid Piazza della Signoria, stunning Ponte Vecchio, or seeing Botticelli's Primavera from up-close and Michelangelo's David.

Much of Tuscany is as romantic a place as exists on Earth. Enjoy the beauty of the tranquil countryside, the drama of the coast, and for a perfect Tuscany retreat visit a local vineyard and stay in a beautiful Tuscan villa.

Cinque Terre, Italian for five villages, are five picturequese villages located directly on the coast of the Italian Riveria. Enjoy the magnificent views characterized by steep cliffs dropping to the sea below, and steep valleys filled with houses stacked on top of each other and extending into the sea.

One of the best ways to enjoy Cinque Terre is to hike from village to village and stop for lunch and dinner at restaurants located in the villages. To underline the romantic nature of the region there is a walkway called the The Via del Amora, " the path of love" as well and don’t forget to put a lock on the guard rail of the walkway.

Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting

Discover history, traditions and the fine art of making wine

Gondola Ride

Breathe in the Venetian culture with a personal gondola ride