Paris, Swiss & Italy

Paris, Switzerland and Italy (10 nights / 11 days)
Twin Sharing Basis. *Refer comprehensive inclusions

Get the complete European experience with a grand journey through Paris, Switzerland and Italy. Start off your journey in Paris by exploring the museums and cultural heritage of this magical city – all topped off with the unforgettable view from the Eiffel Tower. From here, whisk yourselves away to the idyllic Swiss countryside where you can live out your Yash Chopra dreams! From being on top of the world at Mt. Titlis to serenely floating along Lake Geneva, enjoy the best of all that Switzerland has to offer – at your own pace!

After getting a taste of the German and French parts of Switzerland, make your way south and watch as the landscape transforms into warm, bustling Italian countryside. Your senses will be enveloped by the sights and sounds of Italy as you indulge in some of the best art, music, food and wine that Venice and Florence have to offer.

Finally, find the perfect balance of old world charm and modern luxury in Rome – the perfect way to top off your Paris, Swiss and Italian journey. Explore the endless possibilities with us and let’s make your dream vacation come true…

With a city as grand and iconic as Paris, one cannot be blamed to get over the itch of getting on to Eiffel tower soon after arrival. Climb it up or hit the lift and relax in Champ de Mars, or gardens of Palais de Chaillot, or take a riverside walk / cruise on Seine – that will be more than enough to whet your touristic senses right from the word go.

It’s difficult to classify Paris architecture in one form. With its Gothic, Baroque, neoclassical and endless diversity – it’s an impossible choice to select the first iconic monument for the experience and its best to start off with the one closest to you but spend the evening at Basilique du Sacre-cour to soak in the energy and all the views in one single frame. During the day try to visit Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Nortre-Dame, Concorde, Opera, and Pantheon and you have just begun to explore the city.

Arrive in Switzerland and transfer to Lucerne. Depending on time of your arrival take the boat ride on Lake Lucerne, Visit charming Swiss villages on the shores of Lake Lucerne and get on the first Cogwheel railway of Europe to go up the Mt. Rigi.

Visit Mt. Titlis, the only public accessible glacier in the area. High up on the summit there is only one weather – winter. Enjoy the cable car and world’s first revolving Gondola ride, get down at intermediate stops to view frozen lakes, enjoy snow sports, cliff walks, ice fliers etc. Visit Lucerne old town in the evening – a medieval city with many historical monuments and beautiful houses with façade paintings.

Lausanne is a city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland set on a hillside facing Lake Geneva and the mountains, it offers a series of extensive panoramic views, beautiful old town with a cathedral that was built in 12th century. Visit Geneva, a home to European headquarters of UNO as the quayside of Lake Geneva, old alleyways and smart boutiques are an invitation to a leisurely stroll.

With so much to explore, your Swiss experience must include a visit to the Alpine villages and mountain passes, car free villages like Zermatt, Montreux-Vevey in Swiss Riviera, the Italian side and perhaps unique activities like flying across the alps in personal aircraft, or walking on the glacier.

Arrive in Italy and transfer to Venice. For romance, Venice is the perfect backdrop and there’s really no competition. Experience the infinite pastel shades reflected in quiet canals and the gentle chug of waterborne traffic along the magnificent Grand Canal. Early-rising romantics can make their way to piazza San Marco, or sit across Rialto bridge in the afternoon, but no Venetian tryst is complete without a great sunset.

Take a motorboat across the Venetian lagoon to unspoilt islands, wander Burano’s streets of pastel houses, bargain with lace sellers, shop for signature colored glass ornaments on Murano, and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beaches of Lido

A Symbol of the Renaissance, Florence is primarily a city of unique charm and absolutely irresistible besides its architectural beauty and the extraordinary works of art. Spend unforgettable moments strolling the streets of the historic center of Florence, stopping to admire splendid Piazza della Signoria, stunning Ponte Vecchio, or seeing Botticelli's Primavera from up-close and Michelangelo's David.

Visit the promenade in an Eternal City suspended between history with its huge public baths, great palace built by Nero, and also the city gauging its identity to the new millennium, while firmly preserving its historical and traditional ties. Reserve your evening for the walk around the old town and leisurely stroll around Roman steps and the Trevi Fountain.

Vatican needs no introduction as the center of the Roman Catholic Church, and this along with the surrounding Italian districts of Borgo, Prati and area around Monte Mario - is filled with more history and artwork than most cities in the world. St. Peter’s is the most obvious and must visit sight but further one gets from it, the less touristy it becomes to experience the real Rome.

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