Norway, home to the northernmost point of Europe, is quite simply breathtaking. It’s exactly as one would imagine – a land of magic and mystery, of fjords and the midnight sun, of reindeer and the northern lights. A place that needs to be seen to be believed, Norwegian landscapes are otherworldly, and offer vastly different perspectives in summer and winter. Whether you’re looking to have an adventurous summer or experience a winter wonderful, dive in to see the best of all that Norway has to offer…

Experiences in Norway


Winter Wonderland

4-5 days

Arguably one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, Norway offers the chance a lifetime to see this natural spectacle in its full glory. While nightly sightings are common, you’ll also go on a special Northern Lights chase to ensure you get the full nordic experience. Add the fascinating introduction to Sami culture, snowshoeing and fjord tours, and you will have an unforgettable adventure in this rugged landscape.

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Summer in Norway

6-7 days

With pleasant weather, unbelievably lush surrounding, and the midnight sun, Norway hosts a non-stop party in the summer. Enjoy a road trip across the picturesque south, taking in the might of the fjords, and enjoying summer to the fullest. There’s no where else in the world where you can camp out in the wild, go skinny dipping, hike through valleys, cruise through fjords and more – with no nightfall in sight!

Based on 75 Reviews