Sunny Canary

Sun & Beach

In Canary Islands – with a near perfect year-round temperature, the most obvious place to relax is the beach with soft rolling sand dunes in Fuerteventura. Try learning or practicing wind surfing and indulge in island hopping to Tenerife for volcanic landscapes, Gran Canaria for varied landscapes – almost like a miniature continent in itself.

Depending on arrival timing in the island from the mainland Spain or other country, have a relaxed evening around the beach or with an early morning arrival, explore the main attractions around the main street of the chosen island.

With over 150 kms of incredible beaches, the choice is yours whether to relax by the seaside or indulge in water sports, or perhaps both while enjoying the fish, wrinkly potatoes, local wine in a seaside restaurant

Turnaround from the beaches and visit the sand dunes, flat central part of Fuerteventura with historic windmills, fishing villages, extensive volcanic sand beaches, lighthouse with amazing views, and old town that is historic capital

The Fire Mountains of Lanzarote with range of colors, from red, ochre and orange to black, pristine nature reserves with no tarmac, lava caves, and a crater by the sea – all this takes your imagination to places you have never dreamed of

With a surprising mix of desert and oasis, Dunes of Maspalomas offer a new landscape every day. Swim and sunbathe by natural pools, secluded or the urban beaches, golden sand and the calm water is guaranteed

Visit enclaves of traditional architecture, with cobbled streets and old houses with wooden balconies, coastal villages, painted caves – all offer great reason to leave the beach

Get lost in nature, relax on the beach, climb the third highest volcano in the world, visit rural parks and primordial laurel forests, walk the old town cobbles, have fun at a theme park, play golf; Tenerife offers endless possibilities for a week and it will be difficult to pack all of it in a day trip.

With so much to do on the bigger islands, don’t forget to hop through La Palma, La Gomero, El Hierro. Experience the clearest skies and prehistoric forests, recent volcanic eruptions in La Palma, pre-Hispanic whistling language in La Gomero, ancient laurel forest, and you would realize that these need another trip by itself.

Flamenco Dance Lessons

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture during a fun Flamenco lesson