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Can your holidays not do without hiking or cycling trips? Looking for family activities, or want to explore some unforgettable experiences like glacier walking, biking across Swiss mountain passes – Switzerland has an amazing array of choices for fitness enthusiasts.

Arrive in Switzerland and transfer to Grindelwald, the best hub for active holidays in Switzerland. Depending on your arrival time, indulge yourself in a walk or hike in the nearby charming Swiss villages

The hike to Lake Bachalpsee offers everything a hiker's heart desires: A magnificently-landscaped through lush alpine meadows with ice-capped four-thousand meter mountains towering in the air on the opposite side of the valley that one can picture in real as well as reflection in the lake. Choose your hiking time with different start and finish points on the way, and kick in the adrenaline with First Flyer to whizz down the giant zip line reaching top speeds of 80kms an hour.

Explore the Jungfrau region with hike or walk to gorge of the the two Grindelwald glaciers, the Upper and Lower glacier – two lowest elevation glacier in the Alps. Might be worthwhile to witness the direct effect of global warming while seeing the retreading path of glaciers over last few decades

Andermatt (1444 m) lies at the heart of Switzerland’s Alpine passes, and can be explored in many ways. Bike up the Oberalp Pass from Andermatt and / or trek to the source of the Rhine river from the top of the Oberalp pass. All the neighboring passes can be visited on a tour of the postal buses as well.

Riding along the Rhine through the idyllic villages, this route focuses more on enjoyment and culture than the sportive challenge. You can decide the start and end point with multiple options on the way or bike all the way down to Chur, oldest Swiss town with 800 years old cathedral, by including luggage transfer as you bike down the valley

Relax your muscles and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with visit to thermal baths in or near Zurich. Or, have a relaxing day in the Swiss knife valley – Schwyz before you head back home.

With unlimited options to explore, it is almost impossible to whet your appetite for adrenaline rush in one single trip, and choose your next adventure before this one ends.

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