The Swiss Wellness

Rejuvenate & Relax

Looknig for that perfect oasis to recharge yourself? There’s nothing as detoxing and renewing as wellness holidays in the Alps! Treat yourself to pampering spa, or thermal baths as you experience other Swiss delights.

Arrive in Switzerland and transfer to Basel. Depending on time of your arrival, take leisurely stroll along the Rhine river.

Visit Rheinfelden – wellness baths with natural brine retrieved from 200 meters depth and spa resorts offering round the world experience with sauna culture of Finland, Siberia, swim like Mediterranean and float on the unique salty waters like in Dead Sea. In the evening, take a relaxing walk in the Basel old town with houses dating more than 500 years

Spend leisurely time in pleasantly mild and almost Mediterranean climate of Lucerne’s Riviera. Wellness Destination of Weggis Vitznau Rigi offers plenty of natural well-being factors with Alpine lakes, fresh mountain air and pure nature. It is reviving the tradition of whey bath in a wooden barrel – considered to be an elixir of beauty in ancient times of Cleopatra.

Experience the bathing culture going back to thousands of years with mineral-rich fluid relaxing the mind and muscles; almost four million litres of healing water flowing from 65 springs into the thermal baths at temperatures of up to 51 ºC.

Zermatt offers everything for lasting recuperation after a rejuvenating day at the mountains - jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna or hamam. Enjoy the view of the alps, lakes, and the walking around the car free village for the pure mountain air.

While it may be your time to depart on this experience, Switzerland offers innumerable choices for the wellness experience of the first order – that will inspire your next trip back to enjoy this oasis of relaxation.

Flying around the Alps

Chart your own flight path through the mountains.

Tour of the vineyard

UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural landscape of vineyards