Switzerland’s Summer Secrets

Sun & Beach

Switzerland’s best kept secret: it’s sunny south with a Mediterranean flair. Impressive castles, Swiss miniature park, Beautiful Lakes, Wonderful food and wine. Enjoy the lakeside beaches with pristine water and scenic view of Alps. And, this isn’t just a rural pursuit but very much an urban pastime too.

Arrive in Switzerland and transfer to the sunny side of Switzerland – The Italian side. Spend the evening around the lakeside promenade and soak in the quintessential Swiss landscape.

Live the italien flair of Switzerland and the charming town of Lugano. Enjoy the view over the area from the top of the mountain and discover all Switzerland at the "Swiss Miniature Parc".

Be amazed by the stunning castles of Bellinzona and its fascinating architecture. It was many hundred years ago and no wonder it is protected by UNESCO World Heritage.

Stroll around in non-touristic town of Vevey and relax at the lake shore of the famous Montreux with it's beauftiful Castle of Chillon. Walk up the city cathedral of Lausanne and enjoy the stunning views of the Swiss Riviera with sunny perspective.

The UNESCO World Heritage site, in Lavaux the grapes are warmed by three suns - the sun itself, sunlight reflected off the sparkling lake, and sunlight absorbed by ancient stone walls

Wind up your Sunny Swiss experience while enjoying the city beaches of Rhine riverside in Basel or Lake Zurich.

Swiss Miniature Parc

Authentic models of miniature Switzerland

Tour of the vineyard

UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural landscape of vineyards