If you talk to a person in a language s/he understands, that goes to her/his head. If you talk to them in their language, that goes straight to the heart. Swiss culture is characterized by diversity, which is reflected in a wide range of traditional customs and languages like German, French and Italian as the major ones along with Romansh, spoken by a small minority.

Why not to learn the basics of German as you explore the beautiful Swiss landscape? Discover numbers, alphabets, and colors along with few basic phrases and words to help you when you first meet someone. Also, learn basic elementary vocabulary for buying stuff which will help you as you shop. And, yes once you learn the basics of German language – a mealtime would be perfect to show off some of your newly acquired skills.

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We will schedule this as per your convenience on a Skype session before you travel, or perhaps meet our German language and culture expert in person after you have landed.

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