Initially a very reluctant traveler, it has been a transformation of sorts for me. And, not sure when something changed within me as I look forward to opportunities of exploring and experiencing new destinations every now and then. Perhaps my ideas about living outside of my home country (India) were prejudiced by a potential dearth of social and cultural interactions in the community and I am so happy to be proven wrong. In last 8-10 years I have been fascinated by cultural diversity and uniqueness of European countries and personally that’s the best part of living here, particularly with possibilities of social interactions with local community at every tram or bus stop..!

Having lived here for last 8 years with my family, I have been blessed to experience and immerse myself in the local culture and importantly how to manage your travel in different countries. Now, its my passion to share my experiences with others and help them find what interests them as they are traveling across Europe. Come, lets immerse ourselves in this melting pot of cultural diversity!


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