My ski experience

After a long and tiring journey, our class finally arrived at the holiday home in Fiesch, a town in the canton of Valais in southern Switzerland. As soon as we entered, we ate our lunch and prepared to go skiing.

With heavy clothing, a helmet, thick socks till our knees, ski shoes, ski sticks, ski glasses, and our skis and snowboards, we walked to the Gondola, which led us up to the skiing region. The walk was tough in the snow and our feet were already swollen, because of the uncomfortable ski shoes, plus we had to carry our skis and ski sticks. In the gondola, we all realized how foggy it really is, but there was a lot of snow in compare to the valley station.

As we arrived, we could see the various ski lifts, and we split ourselves into snowboarding and skiing groups. The slopes are grouped into three different levels: the blue slopes are for beginners, the red slopes are intermediate and the black slopes are for experts. I myself have done all three slopes. We all were tired and exhausted, but also enthusiastic about the slopes we were about to ski down. After a long first day, we all sat at a petite, cozy restaurant by the gondola and drank hot chocolate.

Later we took the gondola back down to the valley station and wandered back to our holiday home and began unpacking our luggage. My friends and I were eight in our room and it was very convenient. Soon dinner was ready and we all rushed downstairs to eat our meal. I was so tired, that I went to sleep after dinner and looked forward to the next day.

Another exciting experience I made, was seeing the magnificent Aletsch glacier from the top. It was the best day of the entire week: the sun was shining and the sky was blue. This time we took another gondola to the opposite side of the alps, it was lovely.

From the top of the mountain, we had to ski along a tiny path and from there we could see the great Aletsch glacier. From that mountain, itself, we could see the world-famous shape and summit of the Matterhorn, between two mountains. For me, that day was the most impressive and beautiful day of my ski camp.

14 years


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