Archu (Sadarchita Prasad)

I am a part time lawyer and full time travel enthusiast. I’m always up for new adventures, and there are some places that you go to once, and again, and continue to be blown away every single time. I live for those moments of awe, and that is why I travel. while the family road trips I took are some of my most treasured memories, complete with old school Bollywood music blasting from our Maruti van, since then, I’ve traveled to and lived in several countries around the world, and especially in Europe every experience has left me wanting more.

I jumped at a chance to go to Iceland last year, motivated not in small part by the gorgeous backdrop it made to one of my favorite TV shows (Game of Thrones, anyone?) It was everything I expected and more. The raw magnificence of the country is something that should be experienced to be understood. Iceland is where you see nature in all its fury and grandeur, and it left me spellbound.

From glacial lagoons to lava fueled geysers, Iceland sprang a surprise at every corner of its famed ring road. If you’re feeling adventurous, there is no dearth of activities to get you going – glacier hiking, exploring ice caves, lava caves (a personal favorite), horse riding, snorkeling and whole lot more. I also came to appreciate Iceland’s more laid back side with geothermal spas, whale watching, fishing and trendy bars and restaurants in Reykjavík.

Whatever your preferred style of travel is, there’s an adventure waiting for you in Iceland. Let’s find yours!


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